Friday, February 26, 2010

Current Events

Wednesday, I decided to meet Mali in the Garment District where she went fabric shopping for something special. [we'll talk about that in due time, for now, it's top secret].

I helped her pic out a few swatches for the garments and then we headed to PaperDoll Boutique.

Everyone say hi to Victoria [Vicki]!!!
Vicki, our lovely friend, is the owner of Paper Doll - a very chic boutique, located [downtown Brooklyn] at 104 Bond Street.

..So, if you're ever in the neighborhood or simply need new digs ...I highly suggest you head on over, it's worth the trip. You'll find great vintage and really slammin' jewelry [amongst other things] ;)

Mali shot this pic - I looked crazy so I blurred it lol ...but I love my colors ;)

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