Thursday, February 25, 2010

Style-spiration: Catherine Baba

I've stumbled upon pics of her on several occasions and though I've always wondered, I've never taken the time to learn her name and what she does.
By me, she's always been identified as the woman who peddles in heels.
&& not just any heels, designer, 6 inches.

However, as of late - Catherine Baba has been giving me a different kind of LIFE through her way of styling. I once thought it was love when it came to Anna Dello Russo, Mrs. Roitfield etc.- but it seems, those were mere crushes. I've officially fallen in love and proposed to this woman's brilliance.
"J'adore dahling!" she loves to say.

Catherine Baba has what it takes to be the FACE of Parisian Chic, which she exudes in such a fun, feminine way.
& I don't say this merely because of what she wears, seeing as that only makes up half of the "Baba image" - her attitude perfectly punctuates her look.
Stylist, Creative Director, Innovator - she has many titles.
Catherine has worked for Givenchy, Chanel and publications such as Dazed & Confused and Vogue [why not].
....Here's her take on S T Y L E.

"Being Divine is WORK. You have to invest in yourself & work. Work. WORK"


Tiaura said... now I want to buy a bicycle and peddle around Central Park dressed to the nines...

aRRe said...

Seriously ..she makes me want to be impeccable at every hr of the day [i.e. early morning store runs - hitting the gym in pumps and turbans.] <3 her!!

..thanks for reading Tiaura ;)