Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Dear Summer...

In August, I found myself writing a letter to Summer extremely confident that I was going to be missed. But it turns out, the shoe's on the other foot.
Old Man Winter was cool, a little too cool if you ask me & it's about time for him to close up shop. My bikinis are jingling, my shorts are getting antsy -they WANT TO BE WORN. & I want to fufill their wishes.

Am I the only one who's ready to break out in a fierce sweat from doing absolutely NOTHING?! ..I long for the nights. Summer nights. BBQs. Latenight beach moves. Amusement Parks. THE FASHION [or lack of lol]. Road Trips. Summer Rain. I love summer rain. Italian Icees. Parades. Block Parties. Virginia Beach Strip. Summer Flings [laughs at that]. the Music. Movies [yes, movies. Everything's better in the summer] ...I can go on forever..

The editorial above is from Elle's March 2010 Issue, featuring model Shannan Click. It's titled "A Place In The Sun" and was shot by Laurie Bartley.
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