Thursday, February 4, 2010

"Employees shouldn’t hang with EMPLOYEES because it only furthers your career as an EMPLOYEE. Start hanging with BOSSES & BECOME ONE", said Great Scott CEO of The Liason Group

I came across these words on, while doing my daily blog runs. It speaks volumes.
Especially since I've been getting alot of flack from individuals who were once close to me and feel that, at present, things are no longer the same.

..Nothing's changed but my vision. While others have 20/20 ...I'm seeing that x2. & with such a vivid image of who and where I want to be, come next month, 6 months, 5 years from now - there is sure to be a change in direction. Now I can only control me. In life there are no passengers. You have your whip and I have mine. ...The question is, ...are we going the same way?

I never push anyone out of my life unless they prove to be toxic. When it comes to learning, I'm also never content, therefore I associate myself with the Professors of this ish. I don't make friends for looks, or status. I'm not impressed by that. Part a Sea, & then get on your "Hollywood". I'm out for growth. ...As I continously preach. if we're growing apart and the mending's worth it, we'll fix it. ..If we should find that it's not, Cheers to growth. ..Whether it's apart or together as one, at least we're growing.

Just know, I'm aiming for the highest of all heights.

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