Sunday, December 13, 2009

I've never believed in Magic, up until now!

I put this stuff on [sample] as I got dolled for the night's events and it works marvelously.

I mean, your skin almost looks fake lol, it's my new best friend. && honestly, I think I want this baby for Christmas., it's 75 bux. (-_- ...IDK who told them, but umm for all of those who want to surprise me with something ..this is IT! ..I'll love you forever, *insert pouty lip w. puppy eyes* ;)

ok ok...

I may actually buy it for myself seeing as though it really is worth every little penny that it costs.

& I honestly suggest that you guys buy it too. It makes your skin look and feel suuuper smooth. It erases fine lines, diminishes blemishes and shrinks your pores [to practially invisible].



* ! zodiac ! * said...

might have to snag a bottle if it's ok in sensitive skin : ), hope u get it for x-mas mama

aRRe said...

My skin's pretty sensitive as well hun so I think you'll be good. & it's like a treatment, so you'll be really good lol.

I hope I get some tooo, I'll be tickled pink!!