Monday, November 23, 2009

I came across these photo's upon visiting Shala Monroque's [Editor-at-Large of POP magazine] blog and I have to say - I'm feeling some sort of way lol.

Not about her, or the woman's well toned legs, but about her braids and the woman's amazing tats! [much love to the shoes as well, Camilla Skovgarrd ]

Back to the matter at hand, I think I want both! I haven't seen braided extensions on a person's head in idk how long. I mean, I have but not an anyone who's making a statement ;-\. & don't get me wrong either, I don't need an individual of status to confirm what's hot or not -- I have a mind lol.

Back in the day, when I was a little tea cup and was returning from my summer vacay in South Carolina, I came home and saw my mom with thee longest micros ever lol. They were soo cute on her though. As I'm writing this, I am seriously thinking about giving this braid thing another chance. ..My only issue is, putting my trust in the individual who's going to do it. I'd need to be sure that my hair will be nothing but longer once I take those bad boys out. I've seen disasters..



khaki said...

im diggin both the tats and shoes... braids are cool too.

aRRe said...

I loove the tat. ALOT! I'd get it if I weren't such a punk and didn't bore easily. I can see me being over it within a few mths lol.

Kerry-ann said...

hahaha I remember freshman days back in H.S when you had the alicia keys briads. Momma Ti use to "GO IN" w/ the designs lolol! Lets take em back...Wayyyyyyy back. lol