Tuesday, November 3, 2009

...I went to the movies today, by myself. *shrug*
..I figured it's been too long of a while since the last time I had Me Day, so I went to get my nails done and went to go see Law Abiding Citizen [which was great].
I sat in McDonalds, until it was time for me to hit the theatre and wrote in my diary while listening to Bobby Womack.
...My diary? The best thing since sliced bread lol.
Seriously, idk what it is about writing on paper but it's wayyy more therapeutic than typing.
I'd express myself on my old blog but could never completely let it all out without feeling exposed. ...which is one of the reasons why I left it behind and created a new one.
...I live for this blog here. LIVE.
I feel so inspired, creatively. I rarely lack motivation and with my old blog I did, often. I think because it lacked focus. I was all over the place. Now, I have my blog for all things creative and fashionable and my diary for all things personal [no holds barred].
that is all. [lol]

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