Monday, October 26, 2009

My name is Tierra, & I've slowly become infatuated with printed tights!

[smiles @ the thought of you saying "hiiii Tierra" lol]

Seriously though, I've always had a thing for them but never a big enough 'thing' to buy a pair. Well, I recently went to H&M and found a sweet pair of zebra print tights in neon green and dark grey/black/brown lol, I honestly can't tell [no I'm not color blind].

I looove them though and can't wait to wear them. I see me pairing them with a light&loose fitting black tee, with a pair of sexy booties or thigh-high boots with a disgusting heel, loong chains [silver, black, gold] and lots of 'em, with a black beanie, my watch and rings. [dyyying!]

I'll upload a pic of them soon, they're great!


* ! zodiac ! * said...

im glad im not the only one whoes a sucker for animal me some zebra,cheetah, leopard, all of it, especially in different colors, just check out the page lol

Neesh B Fly said...

Blog background is cute and i love the song thats one of my faves off The Fame but yeah umm them tights with the kisses are cute..not feeling them cut up ones..i like tights too tho but only certain ones not over the top ish like them cut up one

aRRe said...

lol, thankyou :)

I'd wear them all ... getting the cut up tights on would be a headache [with my feet going through the holes] lol, but I'd work it out, theyre sexxy.