Saturday, October 17, 2009

Can I be any more in love with these nails? ...hmm, maybe just a little ;)

..Wondering who's donning such 'finger waving' FIERCE-ness and bling?

Only Ms. Mariel Haenn, of course!

(four finger ring by Jessica Robinson)

(Costume Designer and Stylist)

In case you guys are unfamiliar, she's the woman responsible for doing away with the pretty tomboy look that Rihanna debuted with and turning her into the good girl "gone bad" that we've all come to love. ;)

...But be clear, her client list doesn't begin and end there. Unbeknownst to me, she's worked with Jada and Will Smith, Ciara, Kanye, Rachel McAdams, Lauren Conrad, and even QTip! [who'dve thunk it?!]

For her to have been in the industry for eight years, I was surprised to only find interviews of her. I didn't have luck with pictures or even a Bio and I strongly feel that she deserves as much shine as her clients, for without her, who's to say they'd be Paparazzi favorites?! <_<>

Fortunately for me, her interviews provided a good amount of info. I found out that she was born May 25, 1979 ("true gemini") and attended the Art Institute of Fort Lauderdale, where she originally started off with a passion to design until she realized her passion truly rested in creating the looks as oppose to making the pieces. [sounds like myself]

According to, Mariel's fave designer is Esteban Cortazar [Creative Director for Emanual Ungaro]. YSL, Dior, Zac Posen and Givenchy also make her list of likes which I'm assuming is moreso for her clients because when asked about herself in another interview she said that she prefered Helmet Lang and Alexander Wang.

I've always been a fan of Rihanna's style an when I found out that she was the woman behind it all, I instantly became a follwer of her work and added her to my list of inspirations.

According to Rihanna Daily, runway shows, old iconic movies and Grace Jones inpire many of Mariel's choices when choosing looks for her clients and of course as expected, her clients are her biggest inspiration because it is in fact THEM who she's catering to.

When it comes to personal style, Mariel describes hers as "street-chic". "I like to wear comfortable clothes, with great shoes, bags and lots of jewelry" -- DITTO!!! ...I haate a fussy 'fit. I'm all for being dolled, but in relaxed pieces. Let the accessories do the fussing! That's how I see it.

In order to learn a little more about Mariel's personality, I sort of Tweet Stalked her lol. However, after reading a few, I thought'd I'd follow. ..Here's what she had to say..

  • "Clothes Minded" - cute..clever.
  • "Motivation for me, is them telling me what I could not be" - she listens to HOV :)
  • "So what your saying is I can walk into all of my fav designers showrooms in Paris and take anything? Ok fine" - She's L I V I N G! ..I'D DIE!
  • "Dear Paparazzi, Im warning you nicely, learn some Respect or I will turn baseball bats into a fashion must have" - She's Fiesty!
  • "I have these crazy laugh attacks and its happening right now..make it hurts..ouuuwww. hurts. Ouch." - She has a sense of humor! ..this is always great!

&& so it's been settled. We can without a doubt be friends. ...Is she not cool?!

..I can't wait for the day someone's putting me in their Google Search with hopes of getting to know me because they admire my work. [...ahh]..SOMEDAY! :)

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